A SMARTWallet to Store, Organize, Manage and Access all your
TRAVEL documents, IDs, and other important personal information

Welcome to the Digital Age

The BlenderPass SMARTWallet
is convenient and easy to use.

Save, organize, and access all the IDs, Medical Information, tickets, and documents needed to TRAVEL in a completely private and secure digital wallet on your phone.

SMART because it can automatically update your travel documents and credentials and keep you informed as TRAVEL and business requirements and protocols change.

What makes the BlenderPass SMARTWallet better than other digital wallets?

  • Private and Secure – unlike other mobile phone wallets that are focused on credit card processing and use your data, BlenderPass is secure and keeps your data private
  • User Friendly – customizable folders that are simple and easy to use
  • Automated Document Delivery – have your travel documents, updates and alerts sent directly into your wallet
  • Renewal, Expiration, and Usage Date Tracking – no more worries about expired documents
  • Document Validation and Verification – for faster travel boarding and processing
  • It’s Your Data – with BlenderPass you OWN your data and CONTROL who you share it with