BlenderPass for the Travel Industry

A Private and Secure tool for sending documents and communications
Directly into Your Customers’ BlenderPass SMARTWallet
that is Good for Your Business and Good for Your Customers 

  • It’s a digital world travelers do not want to carry paper
  • Travelers face an increasingly difficult-to-navigate world of continually changing travel rules, requirements, and regulations
  • It is challenging for travelers to keep track of and manage their travel documents
  • Travelers want their travel and travel processes to be smooth and easy

It’s time to give your travel customers what they want – the BlenderPass SMARTWallet
a safe, easy, secure, and private way to carry, organize, and manage their travel documents and credentials

A solution that not only meets the needs of your customers but will also give YOU, their travel company, the ability to digitally issue, deliver, update, and validate your customer’s travel documents directly into their SMARTWallet – eliminating missing documents and information – for faster processing and a better customer experience

BlenderPass SMARTWallet Features and Benefits

-Improves your travel document issuance, management, and processing

-Gives your travelers a SMARTWallet where they can
store all their required IDs, Medical Info, travel, and other event and activity documents

-Your customers will appreciate the SMARTWallet’s ability
to track, manage and alert them to business and travel requirements, changes and updates

The Digital Age is here – It’s time to get the BlenderPass SMARTWallet for you and your customers.
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Both YOU and your customers will benefit from SMARTWallet’s ability to: 

-confirm that documents have been received by your customer

-send alerts for required and missing documents

-monitor and send alerts for document and credential usage and expiration dates

-verify and validate documents

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