The BlenderPass SMARTWallet

Travel with confidence,
knowing that you have all your necessary
IDs, medical information, travel credentials
and documents with you on your phone.


 Key BlenderPass SMARTWallet Features include:

  • User Friendly Document Organization – simple, easy to use and customizable folders to store, organize and access your IDs, medical Information, trip documents and other important personal information and documents
  • Private and Secure – unlike other digital wallets that are focused on credit card processing and collecting your data, BlenderPass provides secure and private document and data management.
  • It’s Your Data – With BlenderPass SMARTWallet you OWN your data and YOU CONTROL who you share it with.
    • No data is collected or used without your permission
    • And when you choose to share data it is used exclusively to send you personally relevant information and you have the ability to turn off data sharing at any time.

But BlenderPass is more than just a walletit’s a SMARTWallet!

  • The Ideal Travel Companion – the BlenderPass SMARTWallet can:
    • Track your document renewal, expiration, and use-by dates – no more worries about expired documents.
    • Store and organize all of your travel information, confirmations, vouchers, tickets and other documents for easy access and usage.
    • Send Travel Documents, Updates, and Alerts directly to your wallet – ensuring the travel documents and information in your wallet are always current.
    • Keep track of travel and destination requirements to alert you if you are missing any Travel documents, IDs, and Medical information needed to travel. No more missing documents
    • Verify and Validate your documents for faster travel boarding and processing.

Available Now!

With Data Privacy and Travel Documents Organization and Folders

Document and credential verification, tracking and alerts rolling out in Q2

The BlenderPass private, secure and intelligent SMARTWallet is Not Free. Why not?

Because BlenderPass SMARTWallet does not use or sell your data like other digital wallets do! Isn’t your privacy worth $12.49 a year in addition to all of the other features of the BlenderPass SMARTWallet?

We are so confident you will find the BlenderPass SMARTWallet indispensable that we are offering you a FREE 30 day trial to see for yourself. Click Here to take advantage of this special introductory offer and register for your FREE 30 Day Trial.

At the end of the free 30 day trial period you will be charged $12.49 for a one year subscription. If you do not want to continue using the BlenderPass SMARTWallet simply notify us anytime during the free 30 day trial to cancel your subscription and no charge will be processed.