SRG Technology

“technology should be developed to drive improvement, to make things easier, and to make people’s lives better”

BlenderPass is an application of the Blender™ SRG Technology solution suite. Blender™ is a highly configurable and modular platform framework that enables meaningful engagement and personalization. It does so by accessing, consuming, and analyzing data against organizational objectives in order to drive personalized and relevant information and recommendations to the user.  Blender™ has a role-based security model which ensures that the right information is provided to the right person at the right time.

SRG Technology’s solutions suite includes software applications for Education, Healthcare, and Travel and Transportation designed to empower people by igniting action, promoting best practices, and achieving impactful results through a continuous cycle of improvement.

Blender solutions are unique because of their rich user experience, robust data collection and attribute tagging capability allowing for individually relevant user engagement and personalization. The configurable and versatile User and Admin Dashboards give users a “home base” for all the information and data relevant to them whatever their position, role, or responsibility.

As a module in the flexible Blender solution framework, BlenderPass customers can add additional Blender™ applications at any time to improve their business and customer experience.